"I've been searching for a way to give back and help young girls with my photography.  Being involved in sports had such a huge impact on my self-esteem growing up, and I thought if I could somehow show that- if I could capture what it means to be innocent and brave- then I could encourage young women to hold onto that." -Christin Rose


Christin Rose is a photographer based in Southern California and the founder of “She Plays We Win”

Honing a unique style and ability to capture people at their most genuine and natural selves, Rose has distinguished herself in this highly competitive field with a decade of documentary, lifestyle, and fashion photography.

Finding her voice in art and photography, Christin Rose began to search for a cause in which she truly believed. Recalling the impact of athletics in her own childhood, particularly those transformative pre-teen years, Christin began to take photos of young skater girls at the Venice Skate Park in an attempt to capture the essence and free spirit of that special time in a girl’s life.   Inspired by the young women she was meeting, Rose reached out to other young athletes and created a photo series she hoped would speak to these girls and encourage them to keep being their bad and bold selves.  A few short months later, #sheplayswewin was born. 

“The courage my life requires right now to take risks, be willing to fail, be a teammate and work on getting better is the exact same stuff I learned on the softball field when I was 10 years old,”
Christin Rose

“If it helps one little girl go, ‘Maybe I could skateboard, maybe I could play ice hockey,’ it will all be worth it.”
Christin Rose

See more of Christin's photography at ChristinRose.com