#SHEPLAYSWEWIN is an ongoing photo series, a movement, and a community dedicated to uplifting young women in athletics.


Girls! If you live in a different state and I’m unable to photograph you right now, have a friend or family member take a photo of you doing the sport you love!
 Hashtag it #sheplayswewin and tell the world:

    What has your sport taught you?

    How do you feel after a good game? (or race, or performance, or whatever you do!)

    What is the best advice you would give to girls younger than you?

    Why do you love the sports you play?
    Who is your role model?


Let’s be honest, it’s hard out there! Especially for a young girl competing in a male-dominated sport.

Social media has made connecting with each other easier than ever, but it’s also made it easier to bully and bombard young women with confusing and impossible images of beauty and “femininity”.  We are here to show that strength is beautiful,  perseverance is power, and confidence is super cool.  

The good news is that girls are demanding more time on the field, and research in recent years has shown us over and over again the many benefits growing up with a sport.

-Participating in athletics sharpens concentration and memory skills which translate directly from the playing field to the final exam.  Did you know that girls who play sports perform better in school, are more likely to graduate from college, and more likely to earn a bigger salary as an adult? 
-Working out the hard stuff on the court has also proven to instill young women with persistence, teamwork, and confidence. Girls who play sports have higher self-esteem, lower levels of depression, and are more inclined to take action toward their goals. I think we can all agree that we need more confident young women leading the way!

#SHEPLAYSWEWIN wants to give girls a place to share your passion for the game and encourage you to take back a platform for positive community in social networking.  A place to empower each other and, in the process, realize the power of your own story.

You are all magic. 

You are all #sheplayswewin!

Christin Rose She Plays We Win

It would be so cool if other girls that wanted to play ice hockey saw these photos, they will see me in all my gear and realize that it's not impossible and they can do it too."
-Charli, 12, Ice Hockey

"One big thing softball has taught me is confidence. When you're up to bat, you have to have confidence to hit it, or when you're in the field to make a clean play. That type of confidence can be used in real world situations too"
-Cailee, 15, Softball

Never give up no matter what! If you fall get up and keep going!
— Vianez, 10 years old, skateboarder from Puerto Rico

I may be little but when I'm skateboarding I can be me and I'm also free, and nobody can stop me!
— Sky Brown, 7 years old, skateboarder from Japan