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Junior Olympian & All American

Maya Rush

Maya Rush She Plays We Win

"If I want to be great I can't wait for things to happen. I gotta make them
Maya Rush, 13, track and basketball


How old are you & what sports do you play?
I am 13 years old and I am a track and field athlete and play basketball

What has training taught you that you think you'll use later in life?
My training has taught me to be able to work with others and how to be a part of a team. I have learned how to work together and interact with other people so we can reach our goal of winning. When you work hard at something it shows in your performance.

How do you feel when you accomplish something you never have before in your sport?
When I accomplish something I never have before in sports it feels AWESOME because it lets me know I can accomplish anything. It feels amazing when I set goals and then beat my PR (personal record).

What advice would you give to your 5-year-old self?
If I could tell my 5 year old self something, I would say "Trust your instincts and believe in yourself, because when you do, good things will come your way."

What are the top 3 things you have to be to succeed in your sport?
1) Be dedicated - you have to put in the effort to be successful
2) Be prepared - you have to get your body right by eating well and staying healthy, but you also have to get your mind right. You have to also be mentally prepared to win.
3)Listen - you have to listen to your coaches and be ready to learn from your mistakes!

Anything else you want to tell us about your sport?
I am the 2015 defending National Champion in the javelin for my age group and was part of the 2015 National Championship 4x800 relay team. I was undefeated last year in the javelin. I earned Athlete of the Year for 2015 for my age group for the Western region for my accomplishments last track season as well as best female athlete for my track team - Pacific Coast Shockwaves.

What's the latest thing you've accomplished?
I recently competed in the regional championships for the western states and qualified in all of my events for the USA Track and Field Junior Olympics which will be held in July in Sacramento. Only the top 5 in every region in the United States are invited to participate in the track meet. I placed first in the Javelin, Pentathlon, and 4X400 relay, second in the 4x100 relay, and third in the 4x800 relay.

What's your goals for this summer?
I compete in a division with 13 and 14 year olds and I want to win ALL my events at Nationals and the Junior Olympics as a 13 year old. I want to make my team and family proud, and be an inspiration for other girls who like sports. 

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